21.01.2019, Monday

Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Karakalpakstan



Қорақалпоғистон Республикаси Иқтисодиёт вазири


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Ҳар куни 11:00-12:00





Қорақалпоғистон Республикаси Иқтисодиёт вазири ўринбосари


230105, Нукус шаҳри, А.Досназаров кўчаси 97 уй


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Ҳар куни 15:00-16:00

Ministry of Economics

Functional duties of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Karakalpakstan:

the organization of development, proceeding from the goals and priorities of the development and democratic transformation of society, a deeply thought-out strategy for further liberalization and reform of the region's economy, the introduction of market methods and mechanisms for managing the region's economy;

carrying out a comprehensive system analysis of the main macroeconomic indicators, the level of economic and social development of the region and industries, studying trends in the development of economic and social processes, identifying the existing imbalances in the economy of the region and industries, justifying ways to overcome them;

development of multivariate scenarios for the development of the region's economy, short-term and medium-term forecasts and socio-economic programs in the context of the regions, cities and industries of the region's economy;

organization of development of the most important cost, material and labor balances, within the competence of the Ministry;

participation in the preparation of proposals on general directions of fiscal, monetary, monetary and antimonopoly policies;

the development of demographic forecasts, programs to strengthen targeted social protection of the population, saturation of the domestic consumer market, the growth of people's welfare, the development of social infrastructure;

development of medium-term forecasts of structural transformations of the region's economy, development programs, modernization and technological re-equipment of industries, localization of production, introduction of advanced resource-saving technologies;

coordination of works on the development of short-term and medium-term investment programs that ensure the integrated development of the region;

development of programs for the rational use of local mineral and raw materials for sustainable development of the region's economy;

development of proposals on stimulating the development of export potential, carrying out the preparation of forecasts for the export of goods (works, services);

determination of directions and concrete ways of increasing the standard of living of the population of the region on the basis of ensuring its employment, saturation of the consumer market with goods and services;

improvement of methods for analyzing the processes taking place in the economic and social sphere.