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National holidays

  1. January, 14 - Day of Defenders of Fatherland

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  3. In independent Uzbekistan, this holiday is dedicated to the organization of its own Armed Forces. On January 14, 1992, the country's parliament decided to transfer to the jurisdiction all units and units of military and other military formations on the territory of the country. December 29, 1993 January 14 was declared the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland.
  5. March 8 - International Women's Day

  6. Картинки по запросу 8 mart - Xalqaro xotin-qizlar kuni

  7. In Uzbekistan, this holiday is celebrated as a holiday of love, kindness and beauty, and is also known as Mother's Day. March 8 is celebrated as a day off in Uzbekistan.
  9. March 21 - Navruz holiday

  10. Картинки по запросу 21 Mart - Navro'z bayrami

  11. March 21 marked the ancient national holiday - Navruz ("New Day" in translation from the Persian language). It is a holiday of the equinox of day and night. On this holiday many Uzbek families prepare various national dishes, such as Sumalak, Halim, Cook Somsa and Osh. These foods are rich in vitamins, which are useful for the human body.
  12. After gaining independence, the ancient customs and traditions of the Uzbek people, including the celebration of Navruz, came into force. This holiday is a national holiday, symbolizing the friendship and unity of all peoples. Today, Navruz is celebrated in Alisher Navoi Square.
  14. May 9 - Day of Remembrance and Honor

  15. Картинки по запросу 9 may - Xotira va qadrlash kuni

  16. The Memorial Square was opened on May 9, 1999 in the capital of Uzbekistan, and since May 9 it has been celebrated as the Day of Memory and Honor. This holiday has a wide significance, and it is a memory of compatriots who for centuries were the hero of independent Uzbekistan, defending the country, fighting for its freedom, independence and tranquility, as well as a day of memory and human dignity. The Day of Remembrance and Honor is a real national holiday, during which people visit their nearest relatives, visit adults and express deep respect.
  18. September 1 - Independence Day

  19. Картинки по запросу 1 sentyabr Mustaqillik kuni

  20. The main national holiday of the Republic of Uzbekistan is Independence Day. This solemn and colorful festival is celebrated on September 1. This National Holiday is a holiday that demonstrates all the dreams of the Uzbek people, based on friendship, mercy and full respect.
  21. Representatives of different nationalities living in Uzbekistan are actively celebrating in all regions of Uzbekistan regardless of nationality, religion and race.
  23. October 1 - Teachers and Teachers' Day

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  25. Every year, Uzbekistan celebrates the Day of Teachers and Teachers. Since ancient times, there was a deep respect and attention to the teacher. The words "teacher", "teacher" and "teacher" are revered not only for centuries-old evaluation and respect, but also for education and respect for people, for the Motherland.
  26. Students and students are deeply grateful to the teachers who shared their knowledge with them. On this day, teachers thank the flowers and gifts, sincerely congratulate them for their hard work.
  28. December 8 - Constitution Day

  29. Картинки по запросу 8 dekabr - Konstitutsiya kuni

  30. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted by the Parliament on December 8, 1992. This holiday is widely celebrated all over Uzbekistan.
  32. Ramadan Hayit Festival

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  34. This holiday is known as Ruza Hayit, and this is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. The holiday lasts 30 days and is a tradition of spiritual and cultural purification. Its conditions are as follows: from sunrise to sunset, there is neither to eat nor to drink; avoid bad thoughts; show respect to all around and do good to them.
  35. After the completion of these conditions begins Ramadan Hayit, which consists of three days. The first day of Ramadan Hait is a day off.
  37. Kurbat Hayit

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  39. Kurban Hayit is one of the largest religious holidays in the Muslim world. The basis of this holiday is a historical event connected with the Prophet Ibrahim, who was ready to sacrifice his son for the sake of Allah, so that his action was stopped by Allah, instead it was ordered to sacrifice animals (sheep, camels and other animals). The holiday lasts three days, and the Muslims spend these days with their family and relatives. On holidays, people visit their close and distant relatives and help those in need. The first day of Kurban-Haita is a day off.